Web Services

Websites intimidate many people who would like to have a web presence. They fear that they will not be able to build and manage them or that they will make a grievous error that will break the web. They often don’t know where to start or even what they need. When I first started working in the web technology field with no previous experience back in 2008, I felt the same way, so I understand those fears and concerns. As your Web Consultant, you can trust me to guide you through the process of building, maintaining, and marketing your web presence.

Website Development

If you’re interested in using the WordPress platform, I can build your personal or business website. Using powerful and flexible pre-built WordPress themes such as Divi, I can customize the look and feel of your website to suit your needs and audience. In addition, I can guide you on site content flow and navigation. If you’d prefer another platform such as Shopify or Squarespace, I can work directly as your developer. If you want your site to be built in Joomla, Drupal, or Concrete5, I can refer you to developers who can accommodate your needs. If you need custom website design or logo development, I can refer you to designers who perform high-quality custom design.

Website Updates

If you have an existing website on any platform (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Shopify, Squarespace, or even straight HTML), I can take care of your updates. I have updated many types of sites over the years, and I’d be happy to help you maintain yours.

Project Liaison

If your company wants someone to serve as a liaison working with a web development firm, I can fulfill that role. I can assist you with site planning (see Content Services), establish your website requirements, and articulate those requirements and site plans to the web development company. In addition, I can assist with development follow-up and work with your company’s personnel on gathering content requirements and getting questions answered.

Social Media Advising

I have worked with several organizations managing Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups. I can provide you with advice on best practices and help you brand and build your social media presence.

Work Samples

Website & Other Services: Hopewell MuseumHopewell Museum website

Hopewell Museum needed a website refresh with a CMS (content management system) so that the director could perform updates as needed. Their existing site was a straight HTML template site that required a developer to make all the updates. I set them up with a WordPress theme site, shot photos for use on the site, organized the site architecture, and trained staff on performing site updates. Over time, I added Stripe online payment functionality so that they could collect membership payments and renewals online as well as event reservations. In addition I advised them on setting up GSuite for non-profits and MailChimp for email marketing, including integrating e-newsletter signups with MailChimp. I continue to perform site updates as needed.

You can visit the website here: www.hopewellmuseum.org.

Website: Bourbon HeightsBourbon Heights website

Bourbon Heights wanted a modern website that would hold up well against their competitors. Their existing site reflected an earlier design look, and the content needed an update. I advised them on site structure/navigation and suggested content that would be beneficial to their audience. I built them a WordPress theme site, wrote detailed website update instructions, and provided training for staff members. Recently I created a detailed document advising them on marketing the website across platforms. I continue to be a resource for staff members and perform regular updates as needed.

You can visit the website here: www.bourbonheights.com.

Website: Amazing Bluegrass HomesAmazing Bluegrass Homes

As a realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Cypress, Julie Stock hoped to brand her website, Amazing Bluegrass Homes, to focus on bluegrass properties while still retaining the branding of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. I researched the branding requirements of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and worked with the client to build a site that follows the correct color scheme and font selection while giving it an identity of its own. The Divi WordPress theme allowed me to fully customize the look of the site in a way that satisfied both the client and her home office. I provided written instructions and in-person training after site completion.

You can visit the website here: www.amazingbluegrasshomes.com.

Website: Vox Populi, LLCVox Populi, LLC website

With the upcoming release of a new book, Vox Populi, LLC desired a web presence to market its services and book. I reviewed the content materials and site map developed by the client and provided recommendations for structuring the website in a user-friendly way with a look that compliments the book cover. I used the Divi WordPress theme, and I utilized icons, fonts, stock photos, and colors to tie the book cover theme to the site theme. I provided written instructions and in-person training after site completion.

You can visit the website here: www.voxpopuliconsulting.com.

Website & Other Services: Bourbon County DemocratsBourbon County Democrats

Prior to 2017, the Bourbon County Democrats utilized Facebook as their primary web presence. Their Facebook page likes hovered around 165. I built them a WordPress theme site with MailChimp integrated e-newsletter sign up and Stripe online payment functionality. They now can accept donations online, post news articles, build their email list, and list events on their website and promote those items on Facebook. I set up their MailChimp account, email account, Twitter account, and Instagram account. I created a comprehensive survey on SurveyMonkey to help them determine the views of their membership. In addition to doing all their website updates, I work in conjunction with a committee to update their Facebook page with interesting news and information. As of April 29, 2019, they have 390 Facebook page likes and growing.

You can visit the website here: www.bourboncodemocrats.com/.

Website: Mark D. RuckerMark D. Rucker website

Mark D. Rucker, a new author and keynote speaker needed a website to feature his upcoming book and speaking engagements. I recommended a pre-built WordPress theme, set up and configured that theme, modified theme styling, provided information about photograph sizing and image content, and advised on the types of text content that should be displayed throughout the website.

You can visit the website here: www.markdrucker.com.