About Me

susan-ferguson-wheelerGreetings! I’m Susan Ferguson-Wheeler, but you can call me FergieWheeler. I’m a self-professed nerd who loves books, Star Wars, and all things Tolkien. I played in my high school marching band. I have zero aptitude for athletic sports, but I love a good game of chess. Yes, chess is a sport! As an English major, I specialized in medieval Arthurian literature (practical applications abound!). I don’t know if I qualify as a renaissance woman, but I have been to a renaissance faire.

Throughout my life I’ve worn many hats and worked in all sorts of fields. I’ve been a small-town reporter, an advertising sales rep, a bank branch office manager, a bank mortgage operations worker (closing/post-closing, processing, and underwriting), a web developer specializing in CSS/HTML markup, a technical project manager, and an operations manager. I have been a manager of people, projects, and processes in the fields of banking and technology. I enjoy learning and mastering new things, which is probably why my background is so varied. Is my liberal arts background showing? I think so.

In recent years I reconnected with my interest in writing. I started a blog called Night Owl’s Garden to explore gardening and life in general. Though my attentiveness to blog updates waxes and wanes, I’m proud of the posts I have written, and I pledge to increase the frequency of my updates.

As a way to explore my writing and refocus my life, I left full-time work for a career break in October 2015 and started working as a freelance web consultant. My goals included writing more, getting involved in my community, using my technical skills to help others, and figuring out a work life that aligns with my overall life goals and values. I’m a work in progress just like the novel I’m writing.

As your web consultant, I can advise you on content structure, website flow, and social media marketing. I can build your website, serve as a liaison with other web companies, or refer you to custom web programmers and designers based on your needs. If you need someone to write your website content or perform regular blog updates, I can do that. If you have an existing website and need help with maintenance and website updates, I can help.

Here is a picture of me with my husband Graham at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Graham is a highly experienced web programmer who specializes in website architecture, data structure, front-end programming, and back-end programming. Graham happens to be one of the programmers who can handle custom work. You can find his full profile at WheelerLabs.net.